Marina Residences

Find yourself cozied up in the contemporary traveler’s Dumaguete dream haven. Marina Residences offers its guests the ease and luxuries of home without sacrificing on the natural ambiance and exotic allure of a true Philippine trip. The serviced apartments cater to all types of guests, from your everyday rough & tumble backpackers to your luxe nomads, or those who are just dropping by to those seeking accommodations for a longer stay. Among other services, Marina Rides specializes in providing guests or outside inquirers with original transportation and organized tours of the sprawling Negros Oriental region that will have both curious tourists and adventure seekers breathless. A home away from home and an escape from the ordinary, Marina Residences will undoubtedly capture every modern-day traveler’s heart.

Rooms & Rates

Relax in complete yet affordable comfort, serenity, safety, and style whether traveling solo, as a couple, or even a larger group.

6 PaxLong Stay

Marina Bound

Marina Residences is located less than 15 minutes from the Dumaguete airport, in a convenient and completely accessible location. Arrange for a private airport pick-up or simply take a quick local tricycle ride to the hotel.

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Discover Dumaguete

Navigate amidst the breath-taking sites & majestic secrets that Dumaguete & Negros oriental have to offer.

What to do in Dumaguete


Travel with local flair in vehicles that are both functional and traditionally stylish. No matter the location or occasion, your trips are covered.

Dumaguete to Marina Residences   Dumaguete to Marina Residences


Taste the delicious delicacies that Dumaguete has to offer at the famed Blue Monkey Grill.